SAP BI Platform 4.0? Move On!

SAP BI Platform 4.0? Move On!

If you are running SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise or Edge 4.0 or SAP Crystal Server 2011 this article will explain the additional capabilities available to your organisation by moving on to version 4.2/2016.


The core focus of the 4.1 release was to deliver a solid, robust platform, overcoming some the perceived weakness in the stability of 4.0. This is inherited in the 4.2 release. Our many customers running 4.1 have found this to be the case. Our support engineers have been able to focus on more proactive customer support!

SAP Lumira

Unless you have been in an analytics-free bubble for the past year or so you will have heard about this weapon. It brings your SAP BI practice front and centre into data discovery and data visualisation. Your current solution enables you to provide a single gateway to decision-making intelligence, based on validated access and definitions. Data discovery adds to that the initial search and exploration of your data, to find correlations and patterns and to inform the access and definitions that you should be providing more widely. Visualisation lets you tell stories with your data, for example showing correlations between advertising channels and customer segmentations.

Design Studio

The product offers a design tool that allows you to create analytic applications easily and intuitively without the need for native HTML and iPad UI programming skills. Guided navigation helps people access the insights they need.

Complete Analytics Platform

You can transform your business platform into a complete analytics platform by plugging in market-leading data integration and data management, pre-certified to run together – for a more effective way to harness big data.

You can model your data warehouse then extract, transform, and load data into a highly optimised analytics database to analyse massive quantities of data 100 times faster than traditional relational databases – for more accurate insight into performance and market dynamics. Giving a complete view of organisation’s analytics.

Web Intelligence


Do you ever find that the data is only telling half the story and that the other half is in people’s heads? You can now bring the two together with the ability to add and view comments within a Web Intelligence document.


Location, location, location… whether customers, shipments, distribution, shops/sites, stock, citizens, employees, vehicles or anything else which has a place in this world – agile organisations need to understand where things are in order to target services delivery and maximise efficiency. Web Intelligence now lets you plug this in your existing BI with new Geo Choropleth, Geo Bubble and Geo Pie charts, which support drilling, filtering, ranking, sorting and linking.

There is also an integrated geographical database covering countries, regions, sub-region and cities (100K+) making it easier to use plain English address information to display data geographically.

Visualisation Extensions

Is yours the type of business that doesn’t want to be constrained by how industry-standard ways of visualising your data? If you want to differentiate from the competition, or just add a little a bit of extra visual spice, now you can with Web Intelligence third-party visualisations.

Faster processing of complex reports

Previously multiple queries within a single document would be run consecutively, which in some cases can be a performance bottleneck. SAP has now overcome this by parallelising the query processing.

Start to Move to In-memory – HANA integration

You can now connect Web Intelligence directly to SAP HANA Views. So you can keep the interface users are familiar with whilst supercharging the data speeds. Web Intelligence calculations are delegated to SAP HANA whenever possible.

Simplified Platform Administration

Recycle Bin

If any of your users suffer with fat fingers, you now have the ability to dig them out of a hole. (Incidentally this feature was included due to its support on SAP Idea Place).

Linked Universes

They’re back… the new .unx universe format now gives the ability to have a core universe whose objects can be shared by any derived universes. This can save duplication of universe objects and hence system maintenance.

Posted By Angus Menter, BI Services Manager, on 12th May 2016