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Sound Familiar?

  • “How do we provide our customers with full transparency into their delivery at all times?”
  • “We understand the benefits brought by technology, but how do we pay for it and who will implement the improvements?”
  • It’s an increasing challenge for us to stay on top of new advances in business processes”.

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We are offering you the opportunity to take advantage of a special free no-obligation service. A complete review of your Logistics Business Intelligence system. Our free Health Check will provide a peace-of-mind and a confidential assessment of your Business Intelligence infrastructure.

As an SAP accredited partner, we can give you expert, advice on how improvements can be made to your Business Intelligence infrastructure, which will bring you greater security, improved company efficiency and as a result, increased bottom line-benefits.

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What are the Steps to Change?

"Improved operational excellence and productivity through Business Intelligence within our logistics business", Chris McCormick, IT Director, Agility Chemical Logistics

Through working with DSCallards and SAP BusinessObjects, Agility Chemical Logistics has significantly improved customer service and business results in one year through enhanced procurement and a deeper and more intelligent customer engagement. This has shifted management time from repetitive tasks to strategy and is changing the way the business operates from reacting to events, to seeking enhanced solutions and service improvements.

In terms of business value, your logistics business will be more proactive. You will be better positioned to quickly identify trends and shape procurement strategy to identify and execute cost optimisation targets in the best interests of your organisation and your client base.

The best solutions track the root causes and effects of logistical performance across all activities, functions and departments of any given process. By working with DSCallards and SAP you will be able to ensure logistical performance that can best track root causes/effects across your entire business in all areas which are causing you concern.

Investing in an automated solution or application for data entries, fuel bills, loading and unloading ledgers can go a long way in streamlining operations by allowing Heads of Logistics the luxury of time to look at the finer nuances of operations and deal with those pressing challenges.


While access to data is key, being able to find, understand and use that data to make strategic decisions that improve supply chain effectiveness is crucial.

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